Who is Steve Fulop?

Steve Fulop. Remember him?

The guy with the clean image and silver tongue who promised to sweep away the stain of corruption and ineptitude his predecessors had left behind. A self-proclaimed reformer. A visionary who would chase the old-boy network out of City Hall and lead a government that put Jersey City’s taxpayers first.

But the thousands of voters who put their trust in candidate Fulop now feel betrayed. His promises were nothing more than empty rhetoric. He turned out to be Just Another Politician.

The Real Steve Fulop Is A Man Who:

  • Says one thing and does another.
  • Pledges transparency but operates behind closed doors. –Awards no-bid contracts to political cronies.
  • Pads the city payroll with friends and relatives.
  • Spends taxpayer money to reward allies and influence campaign contributors.
  • Violates pay-to-play laws he helped write.
  • Looks the other way as violent crime holds the city hostage and failing schools deny children a way out of poverty.
  • Uses his office to reward his friends and punish his enemies.
  • And basks in the role of the political boss he promised never to become.

Fulop is so nakedly ambitious that he’s running for governor before having accomplished anything of consequence as Jersey City’s mayor.

And Fulop is so consumed with power that he’s trying to change the law so he could stay on as mayor if his party rejects him as governor.

But while Fulop may be able to run for higher office, he can’t run from his record. And the record shows, in the view of many, that “the former reformer is nothing but another sleazy New Jersey politician.”

How this would-be change agent came to be regarded as just another self-aggrandizing pol is a sordid tale of double-talk, rank opportunism and broken promises.